About us

We are a Singapore based, registered establishment since many years. Our scope of activities are majorly on the islamic services and on the muslim youth development programs. As being part of a very active international muslim fraternity organization network, we are able to extend our services on global scale with an expanding coverage day to day. Providing Qurban services in many countries and organizing the distribution of donated items to needy ones is one of them.

We make sure we conduct our services with a team of well educated individuals who are mostly trained on both, advanved islamic knowledge topics and non-religious sciences, mostly possessing bachelor's degree. With this strong background and commitment of our team, we are able to conduct islamic services within the muslim community nationwide, focusing on improvement of islamic knowledgebase of muslims, conducting social events and gathterings, performing one-to-one Quran teaching classes to individuals from all walks of life, helping and guiding muslim students for their educational and spiritual development and so on.

As being a very active education focused establishment, at the heart of our core programs, Qur'an teaching is at the first priority, as well as conducting education curriculums to improve knowledge and islamic attitudes to muslim youth. We achive this by providing meticulous development programs under the roof of our boarding house services that we provide for muslim students, and also by providing our scheduled classes for those working individuals from public. For a glimpse of our activity you can refer to one of our website (I-Read Quran Centre).

During the period of Eid-ul Adha Qurbani, we conduct, collaborate and monitor the Qurban / Aqiqah services through our network of international organizations where they perform the qurban (sacrifice) and organize the distribution of the donations to needy ones.

May Allah (c.c.) accepts your qurban/aqiqah and rewards you, your family, your loved ones.

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